An open letter to the French Water Director


In this letter – in the name of the Salmoncomeback Coalition – we address our concern about the attitude of EDF regarding the restoration of ecological continuity of the Rhine.

We express our growing doubts about the fact that EDF uses the proposal of a mobile fishway system for 2020 as proposed at the Rhine ministers conference, but which unfortunately does still not provide any clear information on its technical implementation. Has EDF a “hidden agenda” behind its “mobile fishway as a short-term solution” to delay or to avoid making the changes to the Marckolsheim, Rhinau and Vogelgrun power stations on time ?

The workshop on Vogelgrun has shown that several solutions were possible to equip the power station with fishways. Many coalition members and experts question the usefulness of short-term solutions. We are therefore asking the French government to strongly request to EDF, in July at the plenary of the ICRP, a clear timetable and a program which complies with the commitments made.

Environmental organizations are confident that – if all stakeholders are involved – the goal can be achieved and fish passes, including in Vogelgrun, completed on time and accepted by all. We believe that the success of the cooperation between NGOs, EDF and Government in the Loire-Allier basin, should be possible in the international area of the Rhine.

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Visit to the fish passes on the Rhine

From Thursday 30 November to Friday 1 December, the ERN team travelled down the Rhine to see the progress of the fish passes under construction